Population Health


A platform to help your organization focus on what matters most…your patients.

What We Do

HealthFocus is an EHR independent population health platform that supports physician and physician hospital organizations through clinical quality measures, identification of patient and population risk, tracking and analysis of patient cost of care, and providing a data interface for engaging with community resources to support care management programs. We pride ourselves on satisfied, referenceable customers.

HealthFocus will help you:

  • 1

    Improve patient and provider outcomes

  • 2

    Maximize incentive opportunities

  • 3

    Reduce burnout by automating processes (Less time on paperwork, more time with patients)

“They’re wonderful and you couldn’t do better in terms of a population health management application. They understand the needs… particularly if it’s a physician organization. As we went through the vendor winnowing process, nobody understood our business. Some organizations were way far afield, some were kind of close, but as we evaluated different options, most organizations just didn’t get it in terms of what we needed and what we didn’t need. Others were trying to fit their solution into our business case. It just didn’t meet our needs. HealthFocus perfectly fits our needs.” – Holland Physician Hospital Organization

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The Challenge

Shifting from a fee-for-service model to value-based reimbursement can present a significant challenge for providers as healthcare systems must modify workflows to manage the care of an entire population. Organizations focused on value-based care try hard to provide the best for their patients, increase their HEDIS metrics, and look to bridge gaps in care that individual payers are interested in.

Our Solution

HealthFocus can facilitate a shift to value-based care by using aggregated data to highlight health concerns and identify ways providers can use resources to overcome barriers, automate workflows and lessen the burden on providers.

Navigating the presented challenges requires a registry of patients, knowing which services have and have not yet been provided, and which services are covered by the payer. This involves the integration of various sources of data, intelligence to understand what to do with those data sources, and a clear, concise, compelling, and consistent dashboard that the PO staff can access. If reconciliation is required with the payer organization, the solution must be able first to determine that a conflict exists and then provide irrefutable justification that the service that should have been paid for was provided to the patient. HealthFocus does this for POs of all sizes and POs with single or multiple payers.

“I honestly can’t think of another vendor I’ve ever dealt with that is more customer focused in terms of responsiveness, understanding our needs and addressing our needs. I cannot think of another vendor that’s done a better job than HealthFocus.” – Holland Physician Hospital Organization

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Who We Serve

HealthFocus works with organizations who have an interest in the value-based care business. This includes physician organizations, independent physician associations, accountable care organizations, health systems and health plans. The specific needs of each of these entities may vary slightly, but HealthFocus has developed a solution which serves these multiple needs.

Why HealthFocus

Proven Process

HealthFocus is a proven solution that can be implemented in weeks, not months or years. It integrates payer information with dozens of EHRs and provides the required analysis and ease of reporting.

Meaningful Results

HealthFocus has documented and proven outcomes that can be verified. In fact, many customers state that the ROI can easily be provided if no one in the PO ever logs into the application. The reconciliation and reporting are automatic and opportunities are easily identified and reconciled without need for much interaction.

Satisfied Clients

Our company was established within the Michigan market but we have expanded to serve organizations from Detroit to LA. We maintain close working relationships with all our partners. Our team provides the necessary one-on-one support to help realize the benefits our software promises.


HealthFocus was born out of a specific need from a Physician Organization. The founders were faced with the issues described above and built a practical and powerful application to simplify the complexities involved. The product evolved based on the practical needs of a PO, not through development by engineers who did not work inside of a PO.

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