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At Health Focus our goal is to help health care providers maximize incentive opportunities by providing a clear and complete picture of patient care.

Our population health registry aggregates data from more than 80 different sources in order to accurately analyze performance across individual providers, practices, or entire networks. The data are used to highlight gaps in services, identify opportunities to better manage chronic disease and preventive care, and compare performance to quality guidelines. This allows our providers to spend more time focusing on their patients and less time tracking metrics.

Physicians have helped shape Health Focus from the beginning, ensuring that the tool produces meaningful measures. At Health Focus we are dedicated to developing technologies that will help streamline communication between patients, health providers, and payers, maximizing incentives and resulting in better patient care overall. For this reason, our tool is constantly evolving to capture new features and support organizations’ movement toward a value-based market.


Translate the insights generated by unifying data across health systems into improved treatment outcomes and physician satisfaction.


Clinical Quality

Health Focus' built-in measure engine ensures your network accurately captures quality performance.


Care Management

Identify patients who require additional assistance through the use of social determinants and near-real-time health system ADTs.



Ensure your network can perform from both a quality and cost perspective. Identify cost trends and opportunities.



Population health starts from the ground up. Patient point-of-care pages allow for in-depth longitudinal records.



Manage your offices and track performance where it can be impacted most.



View your entire network in one place. Leverage your high-performing physicians to identify best-practice and workflows.

Our Customers


Data Warehouse

Health Focus provides a robust enterprise data warehouse to support a wide-range of clinical implementations.

Health Registry

Our registry helps to streamline performance management, data entry and network-level services.

Data Integration

Collaborate with Health Focus to implement feeds from external system.

Supplemental Extracts

Support your network behind the scenes with automated data extracts to close gaps-in-care for incentive programs.

Custom Reporting

Leverage our healthcare experience to support your organization's focus on data.


Health Focus will provide direct consulting services for organizations looking to re-focus their population health strategy.

The Health Focus Registry

Health Focus unifies data to provide a clear picture of patient care. Identify treatment opportunties, cost outliers and patient risk profiles to ensure your physicians focus less on data entry and more on what matters most... treating their patients.

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