Platform Features

HealthFocus Registry

The HealthFocus registry provides insight into many facets of a patient’s care. Monitor high-level quality and financial performance, identify specific patient sub-populations to help drive intervention and care campaigns, and engage with longitudinal data within a patient’s point-of-care page. See below for images illustrating some of the many features that HealthFocus provides.

Platform Features

Our job doesn’t end once the interfaces are running and you’re connected to our registry. We continue to support each organization in a close working relationship that responds to changing needs and unique opportunities. Our priorities are driven by the collective organizations that we serve.

HealthFocus provides a robust population health platform. See below for some of our core features.

Data Warehouse

Capture, analyze, report and send data from 100+ different interfaces. We provide direct access for organizational reporting.

HealthFocus Registry

Securely interact with performance, financial, care management, risk adjustment and reporting tools through a single platform that covers your entire patient population.

Master Patient Index

Our master patient index unifies patient records from across many different points of care. From the physician office to laboratory to emergency room we collapse records into a single patient view.

Measure Engine

Our custom-built measure engine allows us to quickly respond to changing incentives and best practice. We deploy measures that target your specific organizational priorities.

Risk Adjustment

Capture diagnosis opportunities to align risk to reality. HealthFocus reviews historical diagnoses from primary, specialty and other acute environments to ensure relevant conditions are re-diagnosed each year. Our models review clinical and laboratory results to suggest possible diagnoses that haven’t been billed.

Events Engine

HealthFocus cleans, condenses and categorizes insurance claims to highlight the cost of patient care. Risk-adjusted allocation allows for continuous review of targets and categorical expense. Review financial reports for all of your insurance products in one location and identify leakage, high-cost facilities and other opportunities.

Care Management

Identify eligible and high-risk patients for care management services. Risk scores are captured across health systems and calculated within our warehouse. Track social needs and internal referrals to community resources. HealthFocus provides real-time progress for PDCM and other care management initiatives.

Data Exchange

HealthFocus sends supplemental data files directly to insurance companies and through the Michigan Health Information Network as a part of the PPQC program. We help ensure that every partner understands every opportunity for every patient.

PO Collaboration

Physicians have helped shape HealthFocus from the very beginning. Collaborate with us and our member organizations to help drive new features and see market change as opportunity instead of a burden. Our priorities are driven by the collective organizations that we serve.