About HealthFocus

HealthFocus has been serving physicians for over 10 years and has been continuously updated to reflect current trends and requirements in the healthcare market. Our partner organizations help to identify and prioritize the features that drive their success.

Our continuous one-on-one engagement with each client helps to ensure that every opportunity, whether unique or collectively benefiting all of our partners, is addressed and supported through the HealthFocus platform.

Mission Statement

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HealthFocus facilitates organizational growth into value-based care by aggregating data across settings and providing consolidated insights into clinical quality, cost of care, and population risk in an actionable time frame and consumable format to improve outcomes for patients, providers, and networks.

Key Terms in the Mission Statement

Organizational growth
HealthFocus works with organizations ranging in size from 20 – 750 primary care practitioners.

Value-based care
A migration from fee-for-service contracts to arrangements governed by measures of clinical quality, cost of care, and population risk. These arrangements can provide additional upside benefits to contracting organizations for well-managed populations.

Across settings
HealthFocus aggregates data from electronic medical records (EMR), health information exchanges (HIEs), health systems, insurance companies/payers, state-wide laboratories and other specialty interfaces to create a complete picture of patient care.

Consolidated insights
Identify opportunities and performance within your entire patient population across payers and products in a single platform.

Clinical quality
Over 100 clinical quality measures aggregated from payer incentive programs and national programs with reconciliation against payer performance reports.

Cost of care
Categorized cost at network, provider, and patient levels.

Population risk
Identify re-documentation opportunities and discrepancies between clinical values and billed diagnoses.

Actionable time frame
The HealthFocus platform refreshes each night to provide up-to-date clinical performance data allowing practices and providers to target the appropriate services and care gaps. Real-time admission, discharge, and transfer notifications allow staff to manage their patient populations effectively.

Consumable format
Aggregated data is presented within a single registry and is accessible to organization admins, practices, care managers and other support staff when and where they need it. Reduce or eliminate the need for practices to navigate between multiple payer portals.

Improved outcomes
Patients – clinical outcomes
Providers – reducing burnout and time spent on non-clinical activities
Organizations – Value-based contract performance