Frequently Asked Questions

While the term population health does not have a singular agreed-upon definition, it is often used to describe an approach to healthcare that focuses on the health outcomes of a group of people. It aims to improve the health metrics of an entire population instead of focusing solely on the individual. Population health management has recently gained recognition as a necessary component of accountable care (Kindig, 2003).

HealthFocus has successfully integrated with many different EMR vendors including Athena, Epic, and Humana. We have a tested process and the capacity to integrate with additional EMRs as we grow.

No, we will provide the integration at no additional charge, but we do not have control over additional fees from your EMR.

Yes, HealthFocus can often provide a positive return on investment for your PO, even if no one logs into our system. The reason is our ability to reconcile services provided against payments received from the payers, ensuring that you and your physician group receive proper compensation.

It depends on how quickly you provide us with the necessary information. We can typically have your organization up and running within 6 to 8 weeks after signing the contract, but the timeline will also depend on how many data feeds need to be incorporated and mapped to complete a functional platform.

HealthFocus best suits medical practices with 5 or more providers, physician organizations, IPAs, or Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). There are no limitations on the total number of provider panels.

We work with the organization and have data sent directly to HealthFocus based on the payer contracts they have in place. Most payers send data via SFTP or VPN (an electronic feed), and we ingest the data sent and load it into the HealthFocus platform.

It is not a requirement; we handle the heavy lifting for you, making the implementation of the platform as easy as possible. Having an IT professional does make it easier and more efficient for you as they can internally manage the flow of incoming and outgoing data and generate custom reports.

Yes, reports can be configured by each individual organization. That said, most of our customers do use the standard reports provided since they provide the precise information required to develop the best performance outcomes.

We integrate with your EHR from claims, demographics, patient appointment schedules, and clinical information. In addition, we will integrate custom feeds along with any state-wide HIE data to include health plan data. The goal is to provide you with a complete longitudinal patient record.

Yes, with an increased focus on Health Equity, the platform will allow you to proactively identify and address clinical gaps in care on your patients. In addition, it will assist with hierarchical condition coding (HCC) opportunities, chronic conditions, risk along with high-cost patients to identify interventions.