Health Focus Announces New Partnership with Answer Health Physician Organization

ANN ARBOR, MI / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2024. HF Software Solutions is delighted to announce a new partnership with Answer Health Physician Organization for our population health platform, HealthFocus. Answer Health is the largest network of private practice physicians in Western Michigan, with over 1,000 adult and pediatric primary care and specialty providers in more than 200 locations.

“Answer Health is passionate about supporting the high-quality, cost-effective care provided by our network of independent medical practices. We are confident our partnership with Health Focus will support our continued position as a market leader in value-based care and our drive to deliver the best health outcome for each patient.”
– Tom Janda, Answer Health Chief Operating Officer

Physician organizations collaborate with health plans and their members to enhance the quality and value of care by streamlining workflows and promoting best practices. Robust data analytics and reporting that offer real-time, actionable insights are vital to achieving this objective. Health Focus provides the technological capabilities to achieve high-performance outcomes by collecting, consolidating, and analyzing data from diverse settings into a single platform. This data aggregation simplifies the identification of care gaps and opportunities to reduce the cost of care and highlights population health measures.

“Population health registries have proven their value in supporting the effective care of large patient populations. As Health Focus continues to grow, we maintain our commitment to our clients, their providers, and their patients. With growth come new opportunities to engage with various partners across Michigan, including payers, health information exchanges, health systems, and additional physician organizations. We are excited to see our covered lives exceed 1,000,000.”
James Morris, CEO

Health Focus was specifically designed by and for Physician Organizations. The company is dedicated to understanding the practical needs of POs and takes pride in maintaining exceptionally high customer satisfaction. The company serves PO clients of all sizes in Michigan and California.

Health Focus is a purpose-built solution to population health management designed to support physician and physician-hospital organizations focused on value-based care. Benefits of the platform include improving outcomes for patients, providers, and networks, maximizing incentive opportunities, and reducing burnout by automating processes.

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