HF Software Solutions Announces Two New Michigan-based clients: Oakland Physician Network Services and Olympia Medical LLC

HF Software Solutions is pleased to announce that two Michigan-based physician organizations (POs), Oakland Physician Network Services (OPNS) and Olympia Medical LLC have joined as new clients for our population health platform, HealthFocus. Bringing our total number of Michigan based POs to 11.

HF Software Solutions owns HealthFocus, a population health platform that supports physician and physician-hospital organizations. HealthFocus facilitates organizational growth into value-based care by aggregating data across settings and providing consolidated insights into clinical quality, cost of care, and population risk in an actionable time frame and consumable format to improve outcomes for patients, providers, and networks.

Physician organizations work collaboratively with health plans and their members to simplify workflows and promote best practices. OPNS and Olympia aim to provide high-quality, cost-efficient care for their communities. Robust data analytics and reporting that provide up-to-date, actionable insights are crucial to achieving this goal. HealthFocus will support these groups by collecting, consolidating, and analyzing data across many different settings into a single platform. This data aggregation makes it easier to identify gaps in care, opportunities to reduce the cost of care, and highlight population health measures.

“Population health registries have proven invaluable in supporting the effective care of large patient populations. As HealthFocus continues to grow, we remain committed to our clients, their providers, and their patients. With growth comes new opportunities to engage with different levels of partners across the state of Michigan, including payers, health information exchanges, health systems, and additional physician organizations. We are excited to see our covered lives exceed 1,000,000.” James Morris, CEO

HealthFocus was specifically built by and for Physician Organizations. The company is dedicated to understanding practical PO needs and prides itself on exceptionally high customer satisfaction. The company has PO clients large and small across Michigan and in California.

To learn more about HealthFocus, visit our website, healthfocus.io.

To learn more about the organization we serve, visit Our Clients and Partners – HealthFocus

James Morris, CEO