Why HealthFocus Became a Company

HealthFocus is a population health registry that was designed with direct input from physicians to provide a more comprehensive data management strategy for patient care.

How We Started

HealthFocus was developed within a physician organization initially to address the immediate need to establish a disease registry. Its potential to improve quality metrics while reducing the workload on staff was quickly realized. Over the next ten years, HealthFocus expanded to include clinical quality measures, identification of patient and population risk, tracking and analysis of patient cost of care, and providing a data interface for engaging with community resources to support care management programs. After years of testing and refining in-house, a separate, independent company, HF Software Solutions, was established to continue developing the tool and offer it to other organizations. HealthFocus now provides services to seven physician organizations across Michigan as a free-standing company.

As a population health registry, HealthFocus aggregates and analyzes data from more than 100+ sources and presents it in an easy-to-read interactive format allowing physicians to identify gaps in care quickly and maximize incentive opportunities from payors. As organizations move from a fee-for-service (FFS) model to an “at risk” value-based model, this type of platform is an essential component of managing patient population and payer contracts to gain shared-savings for its network and physicians.

Meet Our CEO

James has been involved with the development of HealthFocus since the beginning. He first worked as a database developer within the parent organization and was later named CEO of HF Software Solutions when the company was established as an independent entity. James has worked in pharmaceutical, urgent care, and physician organization settings as a technologist and technical director.

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HF Software Solutions is a full-service provider and serves as an extension of your team to support all aspects of population health. We are a Michigan-based company dedicated to servicing Michigan-based organizations. Our goal is to improve patient outcomes and maximize payor incentives by providing a clear and complete picture of patient care.

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